Achieve your goals with a system solution for manufacturing and production planning. Access functions like stock management, quality assurance, ordering, follow-up, spare parts management, and much more – all in one place.

Do you manage processes without sufficient IT support?

The manufacturing industry has many related processes (such as production planning) that are critical to their core business, but still lack support in their current systems. We identify these as gaps in the system chart. You may have the experience, as many others, that:

  • Developing large system solutions used at your company cost too much
  • Excel, Outlook, and Teams have worked just fine – until now
  • Your processes are too specific for any standard system
  • The systems you have can’t communicate with each other

These gaps in your system chart often cause duplication and errors that necessitate more manual processing. This involves a significant risk, hindering you from meeting your planned digitalization targets.

System på low-code plattform

How can we help you and your colleagues?

When we talk about gaps in your system chart, we think of two kinds – either, there is a lack of system support for single processes, or, there is no link between your existing systems, which means they don't communicate. Maybe Excel or similar software is used to fill empty spaces? This can easily lead to loss of data and dependence on a few individuals who you need to produce certain reports or implement changes.

Softadmin® enables collecting and securing your data on a flexible platform that supports your specific processes and requirements. Softadmin® is an extension of your ERP, CRM, or production system.

Are you ready for the new industrial revolution?

Global industries are in the middle of a change journey. With new technologies and integrations throughout the production process, there is more information to think about and even more opportunities to take advantage of to keep ahead. Softadmin® offers you a system that grows with your business, while increasing transparency and control within your organization.

Learn more about Softadmin®




Multisoft helped Länsförsäkringar with a custom syste...
Systemlösning för Volvo


Volvo Trucks was looking for a tailor-made solution t...

Complete integration

Integrate our solution with other system support for more efficient information exchange.


Adaptable solutions

We use standard components that can easily be customized, integrated, and implemented according to your requirements.

Fast delivery

Feel secure with a provider who understands the importance of fast and smooth implementation processes.


Get inspired by our previous customers in the sector.


Gustav Törnqvist, Servicechef, Volvo Trucks

“This has completely changed the way our sales department works.”


Marie Brytzer, COO, Willis Tower Watson

“Very pleasant and professional consideration throughout the process."

Karolina Levinson

Karolina Levinson

Business Manager

I am here to help!

Want to know more?

Contact me directly by calling +46 70 369 94 15 or fill in the form.

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