Softadmin® Low-Code Platform

Softadmin® is the most effective low-code platform on the market that uses standard components enabling great flexibility and scalability.


Built-in integration

Put everything you need together in one place with ready integration components for thousands of systems and websites.

Fully adaptable

Let the system adapt itself to you, not you to it. We can customize solutions to the smallest detail using Softadmin®.

Web-based and flexible

Softadmin® is fully web-based and works on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. You can use the cloud or not.

Powerful automation

Softadmin® digitalizes and accelerates operations by automating repetitive tasks, checking, and administration. Saves time for the work that brings results.

No charge user fees

Softadmin® offers unlimited user licenses in Sweden. Allowing more to use the same information means less double data storage and fewer data errors.

Developed for change

The world never stops changing, and neither does Softadmin®. With ready modules that can be customized to the smallest detail, your business is prepared for the future.

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Systemlösning för Volvo


Volvo Trucks was looking for a tailor-made solution t...

What is Softadmin®?

Softadmin® is the most effective low-code platform on the market – using standard components enabling great flexibility and scalability.

You can choose the exact functionality you need, while all the underlying technical components are standardized.

What is low-code?

The concept of ‘low-code’ involves a type of platform or service where systems, apps, or automatic flows can be created with little or no code. Multisoft uses the Softadmin® low-code platform to build a series of creative system solutions that can be delivered and updated quickly.

Does Softadmin® work for you?

Softadmin® can match any type of business that wants a system that fully supports processes and requirements. Our solutions with Softadmin® also help those wanting to get started right away, without developing an entirely new system from scratch.

Another important advantage with Softadmin® is how easy it can be modified – a perfect solution for operations already planning changes over time, such as for new regulatory legislation or requirements, or industry.

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