Digitalization in health and elder care

Avoid duplication and unnecessary administration and make more time for saving lives. Access functions such as automation, quality assurance, and greater overview using a digital system solution customized for health and elder care.

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Digitalization in the health care sector – a recipe for success

IT systems have a tendency to counteract rather than promote efficiency by requiring added manual processing and quality review as well as correcting. A key factor in achieving efficiency and user satisfaction is making sure your system is customized to your processes, new or existing, and not the other way around. This facilitates and creates logical work methods and procedures that are secure for employees, which, in turn, leads to more efficient administration.

We at Multisoft want to be a long-term partner who helps reduce administrative work for more efficient operations. To us, it is importance that you can spend time and resources on your core operations rather than cumbersome processing. This allows you more time to concentrate on the care patient or individual.

Project management and centralization of data

When data related to operations or a project are located in different places and processes, it is important to have a central system that allows overview of the entirety. A central node will enable easy identification of recurring problems or finding successful project strategies. Meanwhile, it is vital that everyday project management does not become too complex and time consuming, and to display only necessary data for easy visualization without compromise.

Contracts and GDPR

Our system gives you support for the entire contracting processes from tender to final billing data. We understand the importance of protecting personal data through weeding and anonymization under the GDPR regulatory framework.

We can help with structuring all types of contracts: Framework agreements, Systems of Choice (LOV) contracts, supplier agreements, and similar, and link services and prices correctly. Your system will need less manual processing due to our configuration of contract terms. For this we cover everything from indexing (OPI, AKI, KPI, etc.) to compliance and termination terms.


Our system can support your operations in several processes and stages, such as planning, booking, occupancy rates, scheduling, resource allocation, and more.

Our vision is for you to have a single place to get a quick overview of each individual patient to enable effective care with less administration. This works for outpatient clinical care, hospital outpatient care, home care, and in elder care facilities. The system can help facilitate processes for:

  • Occupancy rates, including transfers and discharge
  • Resource planning for staffing and material
  • Booking support including activity based care
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Pre-billing with data

Get a user-friendly solution that generates correct billing data. Multisoft can also be your partner for either IT support or for database structures to export data to your financial system or similar.

Accessibility via mobile phones

Flexibility and accessibility are vital. Learn about our operations system on mobile phones, and tablets. Enable everything from time reports, resource planning, occupancy rates, activity based care, and more.

Powerful automation

Softadmin® digitalizes and accelerates organizations by automating repetitive tasks, checking, and administration. Save time for tasks that improve efficiency, at home with home care patients or inside the hospital.

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