System Solutions for Construction and Properties

Softadmin® offers the tools and technology you need for your visionary business in construction contracting, civil engineering, installation, and service to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Softadmin® – your scalable system

Revolutionary solution for construction, contracting, and real estate firms.

Softadmin® is a comprehensive solution for all your processes. What you need for efficient, effective IT support is processing capabilities for the details like work orders, and tying these together in full business processes. Digitalizing your subprocesses makes all your tasks more efficient – ensuring that nothing goes missing digitally, eliminating added work from duplication of tasks, and enabling secure tracking every job or billing task.

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Flexible system solution

Using our flexible Softadmin® platform lets you work agile to improve existing processes one step at a time – without necessitating significant restructuring of your organization. Modular support lets you choose where you apply your energy to get a solution that is perfect for your organization.




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