Charity and fundraising systems

Choose a complete CRM for your charity or fundraising system. Access automatic flows that increase efficiency in your organization and still offers better personal communication.

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We help you all the way from business analysis to support after launch

Our customers give us an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 after completed projects - because we make sure that the project is right from the start.

Do you need a solution to support your donors?

Our charity and fundraising system solutions are configured to match your specific gifting types and operational rules regarding donation, which enables automating these processes. Based on various triggers, you can contact your donors to enable personal communication even with larger volumes.

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Customize your fundraising system and CRM

Implementing a new solution most often involves some kind of modifications. This is where we differ from standard solutions. Fundraising organizations generally have many common characteristics regarding processing flows but still have unique rules for their donors. We consider the following: We make sure to configure your fundraising CRM to include from the start to provide the functionality and requirements you need, rather than “design away” part of a solution at the end.

Built-in integration

Website, finance system, email motors, course processing systems. Our membership solution is created on our Softadmin® low-code platform, which enables limitless automation to facilitate easily integrating managing your membership administration flows with your business critical systems or services.

Fully adaptable

Have your system adapt to you, not the reverse. Softadmin® lets you customize solutions to the smallest detail and helps you design a solution that supports your critical processes and purposes.

Web-based and flexible

Softadmin® is fully web-based and works on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. You can choose the cloud or not. This way your employees can always support the organization – regardless where they are around the world.

Softadmin® – One platform, all your processes

Our Softadmin® platform has standardized component that can be easily built to your specific needs. This enables fast implementation of specified functionality or quickly creating a POC based on your operational needs.

The platform is the foundation for all our systems and is continually developed to meet new standards, as with web browsers. Moreover, we upgrade the platform regularly (usually four times a year) to add new or improved functionality. This means your charity or fundraising system stays modern, which you can upgrade and expand to match your growing or changing operations.

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More functionality and possibilities


A CRM that manages individuals, companies, and contact persons. Enabled to look up and update addresses, selections, and contact support.


Gifts can be stored and used for segmentation for necessary communication with your donors.

Donation agreements

We can set rules during configuration for periodic donations, including periodicity, length, and communication for starting, ending, or increasing sums.

Billing and reminders

This processing can be fully automated based on how the donation agreement is configured. We can build in processing support or full automation to match your needs for system functionality.


We can integrate with the payment solution you already use, such as Bankgiro, Plusgirot, SwedbankPay, or DIBS.

Other periodic products

You may also need support for subscriptions, insurance, or membership? These can be configured and included in your CRM for fundraising.


Based on set system rules, donors are assigned to segments you can use for either manual or automatic communication.


If your organization uses campaign oriented activities, we can select including functionality enabling packaging campaigns and marking mass-mailings and replies for subsequent follow up, and then measure the value of your fundraising activities.

The right view for the right user

All users in the system are assigned a functional permissions (which can also be combined with data permissions) so they see the functions, with the data, they need. This makes Softadmin® the optimal solution for organizations whose structure involves a wide variety of users.

Notifications and activity management

Make sure that nothing falls through the cracks, use your system to notify users about what and when ‘to do’ deviations, or relevant actions specific to your organization. Notifications can be presented as a list on the start page, and possibly combined with an email or text.


In our project we consult on whether you want to use Softadmin® reports for follow-up and supplement these with BI tools, such as Power BI.


Softadmin® can communicate via the CRM several ways, such as via email generated from Softadmin® or integration with, Apsis, Mailchimp, and similar. Text messages can also be sent using our partner or if you want to use your current provider.

These communication channels can be linked as triggers for activities such as thanking for donations, reminders, or for onboarding for autogiro donors.


Barncancerfonden logotyp

— Per Leander, General Secretary of the Barncancerfonden (Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund)

“We simply needed a more flexible, easy-to-use, and smarter systems to grow with.”

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