Resource planning

Resource planning can be a complex process, but doesn't need to be. With automated resource planning, you can tie together, effectivize, and automate your process for book, planning, and delivery with no compromising.


Experience automated and integrated resource management

System för resursplanering

Fully adaptable

Improve the efficiency and automation in your processes – for booking, planning, and delivery with a system solution adapted to your operations, and not the reverse.

Automatic matching

Automatic matching lets you eliminate unnecessary administration and duplication. Let the system do this instead and use your resources to improve profitability.

Integration capabilities

Experience resource management with built-in integration capabilities Integrate everything from finance, billing, and ERP regardless of regulatory framework.

Range of functions for efficient resource planning

Attribute classification for resources

We join with you to set the attributes that match your requirements – such as persons, training, certifications, or knowledge levels in various fields.

Intelligent support for booking

Based on the attributes of your resources and operative rules from scheduling, our resource planning system helps the user to get things right using a set of rules.

Quick overview of resources

A planning view presents a fast, simple, and effective overview of your resources. Select to filter a portion of all resources, or gain an overview of all your resources.

Diagrams and graphs

Use data to your advantage. Visualize key figures using diagrams and graphs for the project and get a quick overview of the most important information.

Planning requirements

Manage requirements or requests for your resources. The planning view offers quick, comprehensive information regarding current requirements, to help with planning.

Integration to HR and your recruitment systems

If you have employees in an HR or recruitment system, you can automate the registration processing related to resources with an integration. Information and attributes not in the master data system can be filled into the resource planning system.

Integrations with Active Directory

Our resource planning system is delivered with a ready-to-use solution to integrate against your Active Directory for easy, quick, and smarter control of your resources.

Integrations with Exchange / Office 365

With an integration to Exchange or Office 365, you can easily retrieve or create bookings for offices, conference rooms, and more in the resource planning system.

Delivery planning or scheduling

We help you integrate the resource planning system with your existing system to simplify delivery planning or scheduling.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop planned requirements for the correct resource and time. The resource planning system helps you set the location where the planning requirement can be dropped to.

Softadmin® – your scalable system

Revolutionary low-code platform

Softadmin® is the most efficient low-code platform on the market – built from standard components for a highly flexible, scalable system. Read more about our solutions or schedule a meeting with our specialists.

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