Booking systems

Automate bookings to manage everything from individuals, premises, and equipment – all in a single system. Save resources and make time for more important things than administration and repetitive tasks.


Choose an adaptable booking system

Implementing a new solution often involves modifications. This is where we differ from standard solutions. We make sure to configure your booking solution to include the functionality and requirements you need from the start, rather than “design away” part of a solution at the end. The Multisoft booking solution is configured to match and integrate with the unique processes you actually use, and is made ready for future changes.

Automate unnecessary administration

Automating your bookings eliminates unnecessary administration, dependence on individuals, and inefficient work methods. An automated booking system offers you control and overview of your activities – while reducing errors and duplication.

Integrates with the ERP you're using

Web services, financial system, or ERP. Our booking solution is created on our Softadmin® platform, which enables limitless automation and facilitates easy integration of your booking management with your business critical systems or services.

Use statistics to your advantage

Your important key performance indicators are displayed in diagrams and graphs to increase your business' operational efficiency. For example, bookings, accumulated totals over the day/week/month can easily be displayed graphically.

Frågor & svar: Bokningsystem

What is a booking system?

In simple terms, it is a system which assists you with all things booking! Instead of working and booking manually a booking system can help you with any and all repetitive and time-consuming administration. With cloud based and digital booking systems you can control and use your system wherever and whenever it suits you.

Why use a booking system instead of Excel?

Working in Excel can quickly become overwhelming in-between all the different documents, sheets and folders located in various places on your desktop. Documents and bills go missing and are easily forgotten - a booking system helps you keep track of everything while also reducing the risk of mistakes and eliminating duplication.

What are the upsides of an integrated booking system?

An automated booking system helps you with repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks. An integrated solution gathering all important information, finance management, billing and resource management in one place, giving you a clear overview, which increases efficiency while saving resources and simplifying communication.

Select exactly what you need to manage bookings

You decide which resources to manage

Conference room, meetings, or services. We help you create bookable resources entirely on your own terms.

Dynamic workflows

Create many different workflows based on your bookings. We help you set the design of these flows and the people or groups linked to each step.

Booking confirmations and reminders

Make sure nothing falls through the cracks with automatic booking confirmations and reminders.

Closely integrated

Integrate your booking with billing, stock management, and case management. With automated administration we help you quickly jump between booking and relevant linked functions.

Automatic tick-off using QR codes

Easy to ‘tick-off’ individuals in bookings using QR codes that are emailed in advance to participants.

Booking view displays information at once

Calendar view, daily view, or separate bookings – your booking can be displayed exactly as you need. Access all information and history linked to a booking in an instant, including premises, catering, other accessories, or the responsible manager.

Financial system and ERP

Our booking solution supports a wide range of integration types for finance, such as for the Bankgirocentralen (BGC) for deposit tick off, autogiro, payments, e-invoice, and more. IT also supports integrations to specific ERPs like Dynamics AX, Agresso, SAP, Visma and others.

Web services

Our booking system integrates seamlessly with web services developed in the standard languages used. We make sure that information is transferred between the website and the booking system in a smooth and controlled way.




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