Billing system

Automate your billing process and eliminate manual administration with a system that complements your business.

Automate your administration and save resources for more important things.


Use resources efficiently

Save resources with reduced administration, duplication, and errors. Free up time for creative tasks and turn your billing system into a competitive advantage.

Built-in integration

An automatic billing process means your financial system, ERP, and data are fully integrated with each other.

Use data to your advantage

With correct decision-making data and company-specific reports, you can make important decisions without delay or error. Make the right decisions in real-time.

One billing system – a wide range of functions

Dynamic contract parameters

Dynamic contract parameters like customers, projects, items, payment terms, discount models, pricing, automatic indexing, and parameterized billing information (bill per case manager, enter order reference in the format defined in the contract).

There is also the option of customer-specific item designations (so large customers, for example, can have specific text on their invoices to match framework agreements. 


  • Eliminate duplication and errors in billing using automatic and precise billing, powered by our adaptable low-code platform Softadmin®.
  • Workflows that allow operational staff to approve billing data (orders, bookings, contracts) while the finance department executes the actual billing.
  • Operations receive immediate feedback on the billing processes, minimizing the risk of customers, with past due bills, placing new orders.
  • Orders, bookings, resources, time sheets, or commissions? Our system solutions support you with insights and display data while integrating your financial system with your ERP.

Follow-up and statistics

Use data to your advantage. Access real-time information for fast, efficient, decision making, dashboards for a clear overview, reports and forecasts based on history and/or recurring agreements, and export capabilities to DW/BI tools for in-depth analyses.

Notifications and attestations

• Reminders
• Approval process
• Attestation of large credit invoices
• Notification of batch runs (for example, '100 invoices complete for export to the financial system').

Automatic processing and finalizing

Is the billing data created in a different system? Does the billing data often need to be supplemented? We help you automate manual tasks to make it easier for users to enter information.

Customer register

When customer information is stored elsewhere than in the billing system, data will be automatically retrieved to use in billing. This prevents duplication of manual tasks, and reduces the chance of errors in data entry. The customer register can be installed as part of your financial system or in a different operative system, whichever you have defined as master.

Economy system

Any billing system is always integrated with the economy system of choice. Invoices can be finalized either before or after being transferred to the prefered solution.

Rule-regulated preview

A rule-regulated preview of the invoice is automatically sent to the customer managers for approval before being issued.


The invoice data should be retrieved from the ERP where the actual ‘delivery’ of the product or service is managed. This enables the unprocessed invoice data to be entered into the system to initiate the billing process. ERP integrations include to SAP, Dynamics NAV, Hogia, Visma and M3.

Types of contracts

• Service agreements
• Call-off agreements
• Subscriptions
• Project agreements
• Framework agreements
• Other recurring or repeated billing (rent, licensing, etc.)




Multisoft helped Länsförsäkringar with a custom syste...
Systemlösning för Volvo


Volvo Trucks was looking for a tailor-made solution t...

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Multisoft helped Länsförsäkringar with a custom syste...
Systemlösning för Volvo


Volvo Trucks was looking for a tailor-made solution t...