Know Your Customer System

Follow any regulatory framework and gain greater understanding of your customers with a Know Your Customer (KYC) system that can be customized to your sector.

Do you need a KYC system?

Our solution offers you regulatory framework compliant KYC to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism – all in a single system. And it comes integrated with your other systems.


Are you covered by money laundering laws?

  • Banks, fund companies, credit institutes, and securities firms
  • Insurance brokers and life insurance providers
  • Auditors and accountants
  • Company founders
  • Real estate brokers
  • Attorneys and solicitors
  • Companies trading in antiques, art, gemstones, metals, scrap, or means of transport, and who receive cash payments of 5,000 euro or more.

Grow your business volumes without stumbling over control functions

Don’t make your customers wait! Make sure you have the tools you need to make quick business decisions without adding employees to read through piles of customer data that must be checked and approved.

Avoid fines and bad publicity

With a good system that handles assessment and approval of customers and transactions, you maintain the history, statistics, and audit trail you need to be secure in your findings and evaluations.

Integration to your existing ERP

CRM, ERP, or your financial system – any of these used in your relationship processes can be automated with a KYC system that integrates your most important and business critical software.

Range of functions for a modern KYC solution

Customer portal

Customer portal for KYC – self assessment with digital signature.

Automatic notifications and events

Escalation to further investigation of persons and companies that trigger alerts. When a deadline is passed or is being passed, the system can also notify everyone who needs to know.

Automatic screening

Contacts and companies undergo automatic screening.


Integration to your master data system for a clear overview and increased operational efficiency.


Continual tracking of business partners.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment of countries, and risk combinations of individuals, trading partners, countries, and products.

Support for processes

If you need more than standard activity lists, we help you implement process support where each activity is processed as a ‘mini-project’ or case.

KPIs and statistics

Use data to your advantage. Gain access to vital statistics and set KPIs that match your operations or sector.

”Finance companies and banks are required by law to take measure to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism, which includes knowing their customers. Requirements apply to all financial businesses, and to other companies specified in money laundering legislation – such as accountants, brokers, attorneys, tax advisors, and companies selling goods for more than EUR 5,000 in cash.”

- The Swedish Bankers' Association




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