Integration Platform

A common use for middleware is updating information between systems – but the Softadmin® Integration Platform can do much more. Take control of system integration and monitoring between different systems regardless of format.

Fully adaptable

The Softadmin® Integration Platform is based on the Multisoft Softadmin® platform and is adapted to your requirements without the need for any external add-ons. This gives you an integration platform you can update and adjust over time.

Built-in security

The Softadmin® Integration Platform not only enables integrating systems with each other regardless of format, but it also provides monitoring and control to ensure information is transferred and received correctly.

Integration support

At Multisoft, we help you find the most cost effective way to use the integration platform, making sure that we meet your needs and requirements. We also assist you with data flow analysis and a review of your current integrations.

Wide range of functions in a single integration platform

Automated tracking

Every job must be tracked. If anything goes wrong, the Softadmin® Integration Platform clearly identifies where in the process this occurred, and interrupts the run. By doing so, the system avoids causing erroneous updates.

Flexible scheduling

Jobs in the Softadmin® Integration Platform can be configured to run every day, week, month, quarter, Monday to Friday, on set dates, or only manually.

Communications methods

File-based transfers can be made many different ways, including with SFTP, FTPS, https, or mounting file surfaces / windows shares. (The Softadmin® Integration Platform also supports FTP and http, but we recommend choosing other options when possible.)

Reasonableness check before updating

The Softadmin® Integration Platform can perform a reasonableness check to find common error types. Does log-in function? Are Read or Write permissions in place? Does each file have a reasonable number of items? Is the number of fields correct? Can the XML be interpreted? Is the first name in the First name field?

Simple logs

Logs with in-depth operational data can be displayed in the log page of each system integration, and in the total log for the system, which facilitates reviewing events in the correct context.

Encrypted log-in data

A middleware needs to log in to other systems to be able to retrieve and leave information. Today, encryption protection of stored passwords is a given.

Softadmin® – your scalable system

Revolutionary low-code platform

Softadmin® is the most efficient low-code platform on the market – built from standard components for a highly flexible, scalable system. Learn more about our Softadmin® powered solutions and schedule a meeting with our specialists. 

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