Case management system

Manage complex cases and automate workflows with a case management system that matches your operations.


Save time for other things than administrative tasks

With our solutions for case management, you can follow your cases regardless of type, with everything collected in a single system and integrated with your other business systems.

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System på low-code plattform

Make unnecessary administration automatic

Automating your case management eliminates unnecessary administration, dependence on individuals, and inefficient work methods. Automated case management systems offer control and overview of your activities – increasing efficiency in workflows.

Improve efficiency like never before

Our case management system offers users proactive support and follow-up in their daily activities using predefined workflows and adapted dashboards. With adapted standard templates and integration with your CRM or ERP, you can follow and manage a case from start to finish without any duplication of tasks – your case management system does the work for you.

Integrate against your current ERP

CRM, ERP, or financial system – regardless the one you use for relationship processes – you get an automatic case management system that integrates with your most important and critical systems.

Functionality for every type of case management

Predefined workflows

Automated case management with predefined workflows. We help you set up how a case gets triggered, the roles involved, what happens at each step, and how the case is closed.

Dynamic workflows

Create several workflows based on case type. We help you set how the various flows are designed and the individuals or groups linked to each step.

Support for branching

Every workflow can be set to include branching and merging, where the process steps follow one or more possible steps. This allows automating the most complex case management processes.

Track suspended cases

Each process step is linked to a ‘shall be processed before’ setting. When a case remains in the same process step longer than this, the case is displayed on a Track/Warning list so the individual or group involved receives notification.

Process overview

Process overview provides easy display of the cases at each status level. Cases that have passed the set waiting time for that status are shown separately. This allows quick review of deviation from set targets.

Simplify with pre-filled fields

Automate, effectivize, and assure quality all manual steps in the case management process with intelligent forms. Pre-filled fields prevent incorrect or unreasonable values.

Supplement the cases with documents

Allow the user to attach supplemental files to a case. These documents can be any format.

Dynamic form

Specify what information will be entered for each case or process. Using an unlimited number of text fields, drop down lists, and check boxes, enables adapting each form to match the function you need for each process step.




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