Administrative system

Automate your business with a customized administrative system built from standard components.

Complete support in one system

The Softadmin® system gives you complete comprehensive support across the business. Administrative system is a general term for any system that support your organization’s policies, processes, workflows and more. You can therefore use the term for many types of systems.

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Built-in integration

All you need in one place with ready-to-use integration components for thousands of systems and websites.

Fully adaptable

Have your system adapt to you, not the other way around. Softadmin® lets you customize solutions to the smallest detail.

Web-based and flexible

Softadmin® is fully web-based and works on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. You can choose cloud-based or not.




Multisoft helped Länsförsäkringar with a custom syste...
Systemlösning för Volvo


Volvo Trucks was looking for a tailor-made solution t...

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