Banking, Finance, and Insurance

Everyone working in banking, finance, and insurance exists in an IT world heavily impacted by security and regulatory requirements. When you have large transaction volumes with a range of back-office systems that are difficult to integrate, your ability to use automated and efficient IT processes can be limited. We have the solution.

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Help us help you fill the gaps in your IT-solution

Gaps in your IT-solution often arise from a complex IT environment that must address one or multiple challenges which becomes too expensive, risk-filled, and difficult to fix using your existing system. We can help with these problems by using the flexibility of our Softadmin® platform as well as integration – without affecting other systems. Multisoft can do this regardless of the function required to fill the gap, since every solution in Softadmin® can be customized to match your needs.

System på low-code plattform

Softadmin® – your scalable system

With our experience working in the banking, finance, and insurance sectors, we know that Multisoft and Softadmin® can provide solutions for any one or all of your necessary processes. Close the gaps in your system chart and secure it with standard components for retrieving and displaying data, all modern integration methods, support for e-signing, financial transactions, communications, planning, and much more. Do you want to learn more about our flexible solutions for banking, finance, and insurance?

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Built-in integration

All necessary functions gathered in one place with ready-to-use integration components for thousands of systems and websites.

Fast delivery

Go from years to months, or even weeks, with lightning fast deliveries and updates. Softadmin® keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

Designed for change

Regulations and legislation will keep being amended. Multisoft gives you a solution that can be updated to match any of these changes or other new requirements.




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